Our People
Our decentralized operations allow for maximum local autonomy, giving Major Drilling the flexibility to respond to customer requirements.  Our managers and supervisors are in a position to find effective solutions to customer challenges.
While regional operations are somewhat independent, they also have access to the strengths of the organization as a whole. 
Whether it is unusual operational circumstances, procurement, equipment or administration, support from Major Drilling Group is always available.
Providing quality work for our clients and getting the job done are our top priorities.  Senior management throughout Major Drilling bring over 1,000 years experience into the customer relationship.
Harsh elements and challenging environments are part of our day-to-day operations.  At Major Drilling, our managers are adept at choosing the proper support equipment and the right people to manage these conditions.  Precise planning ensures the most effective and safest possible operation.  On-site adaptability means having skilled and versatile personnel to perform specialized functions.
“Our drillers as well as the rest of our team are willing to give everything they’ve got to get a good core recovery and satisfy the customer,” says Bob Morgan, Vice President, Business Development for Major Drilling.  “Drillers really want a project to succeed.  All of us want to succeed – but our drillers seem to be super-focused on that prize.”
Contact us today and we will work with you to find the best solution for your drilling project.