Training & Safety

Our safety and training management system is recognized as one of the best in our industry.    

Having well trained crews who are committed to operating safely is just one of the reasons customers choose to partner with us. 
We do this by having:
·         An industry leading safety management system
·         A commitment to fully automated rod-handlers on our rigs
·         Make & break tools which eliminates the need for pipe wrenches on drill rods
·         Safety and training professionals who’s skills and commitment are unsurpassed   
      in the industry
Because we operate safely, we have been able to deliver excellent results for our customers such as:
·         1,000 days LTI free in Namibia
·         3,000,000 hours LTI free in Chile
·         3 Years LTI free at the OT site in Mongolia
·         EMR 30% below industry average
·         Best safety record on Cameco Exploration drilling projects in  2010


What does this mean to our customers?  You can have confidence that your project will be completed without harm personnel, environment, equipment, or your stakeholders. 


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