Employee Profiles
  • Employee Name: Hernan V. Caballes
    Location: Philippines
    Job Title: General Manager - Philippines
    I became a part of the Major Drilling team in September 2011, as a result of the Bradley Drilling acquisition.  I am the General Manager for the Philippines.  I have spent much of my life deeply involved in the Philippine exploration and mining industries, and it all started right after my graduation from the Mining Engineering course in 1980.
    Working for Major Drilling has shown me that I am a key player on a global team.  Upon joining Major Drilling I immediately felt at home, and realized that you can depend on the entire team, each of  whom are willing to extend help and support if needed.  I know that I am working for a very professional drilling service contractor that offers the best training for its employees, is focused on safety, and shows genuine concern for the environment.  I know that the client is assured of the best drilling services the industry can offer.
    As for spare time, I don't have much, as my three grand kids get 100% of whatever is left.  I also spend the bit of time I have in the firing range where I practice shooting with my gun collection.
  • Employee Name: Normand Bryar
    Location: Argentina
    Job Title: Branch Manager - Argentina
    I started out with Major Drilling in 1993 as a driller’s helper, and have just recently become the Branch Manager in Argentina.
    Major Drilling is a company that recognizes and rewards honest and hard working employees with growth opportunities.  They have always supported my professional goals.
    Working in South America has offered me the opportunity to realize new outdoor passions like fishing in the Bolivian Amazon, and becoming a part-time rancher.  
  • Employee Name: David Boucher
    Location: Mexico
    Job Title: Branch Manager - Mexico
    I started working for Major Drilling in Mexico in January1995; and I have been the Branch Manager since January 2012.  The thing I like best about working for Major Drilling is the people, the pride and effort that everyone puts forward to make our company the best!  We all work together as a team.
    The best thing that has ever happened to me is getting to see the world and all the amazing people in it, and waking up each day on the right side of the grass.
  • Employee Name: Chantal Melanson
    Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
    Job Title: Executive Assistant
    My name is Chantal Melanson and I have been with Major Drilling Group International Inc. for almost 16 years.  I work out of the Moncton office and I hold the position of Executive Assistant, working the past 13 years for our current President, Francis McGuire.
     What I like most about working at Major is without a doubt – THE PEOPLE.  The Company worldwide is filled with such wonderful people.  I am very fortunate to have made some great friends – not only here in Moncton, but around the world!  Not many people have that opportunity, and for that, I am truly grateful.  I am very proud to be a part of this team - Go Major!!
     What do I do on my spare time?  I mostly follow my kids sporting events and whatever other activities they are involved in.  I also love music and books.
  • Employee Name: John Ross (JR) Davies
    Location: Mongolia
    Job Title: Regional General Manager for Asia
    I am the Regional General Manager for Asia, living in Mongolia.  I am responsible for Mongolia, the Philippines and business development in Asia.
    I started working with Pontil PTY LTY in 1989, which was purchased by Major Drilling in 1996, so I have been with the company 24 years this October.  I have had opportunities to travel all over the world, meet interesting people and move up within the company from the position of fitter/drill helper to senior manager.  I have never considered what I do a job, it has always been a lifestyle for me.
    The one thing that might surprise people about me is that I enjoy cooking!
  • Employee Name: Kerryn Hornby
    Location: Indonesia
    Job Title: Branch Manager - Indonesia
    Kerryn is the General Manager of our branch in Indonesia, and has been part of the Major Drilling team for 13 years.   He has always enjoyed the challenges and opportunities that Major Drilling and our 23 branches around the world have been able to offer. 
    “Major Drilling has personally given me the opportunity to work my way through the ranks over the years,” says Kerryn, “I started as a field assistant, and now I am a General Manager.”  
    His proudest accomplishments are his four healthy, beautiful sons.
  • Employee Name: Pierre Hurtubise
    Location: Colombia
    Job Title: Branch Manager - Colombia
    I have been the Branch Manager for Major Colombia for the past year, and spent five years before that as the Operations Manager in Mexico. I have been in the drilling industry for the past 30 years.
    In this position, I must pay attention to detail, be objective, and have both patience and maturity. It is my job to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations and to oversee the use of materials and human resources.
    I feel responsible to create a vision for the company, and ensure implementation of that vision by employees.  I make sure we have well-trained staff in place to handle the various jobs.
    Major is a great company that offers many opportunities.  It is great to be part of this dynamic team.
  • Employee Name: Gansaikhan Batbayar
    Location: Mongolia
    Job Title: Supervisor
    I started working for Major Drilling Mongolia at the water bore camp, Oyu Tolgoi project in 2003 as an off-sider.  I am so happy to work for Major, as we have a great team, and the latest equipment.  I learned many things from my very first Supervisor, Kerryn Hornby (Fly) who is now the Country Manager for Mongolia. 
    I have been most inspired by my wife, Adiya Tumurbaatar, the mother of my two beautiful daughters.  While I am working as a driller, she manages all the hard work at home!
  • Employee Name: Judy Alanen Laronde
    Location: Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada
    Job Title: Executive Secretary
    I am new to the Major team, but have been part of the drilling industry working at the Bradley Group in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec Canada since 1988.  As the Executive Secretary, I am privileged to work with and meet many interesting and dynamic people.
    I am a certified massage therapist, which I will practice when I retire.  I wish that my hands held a superpower enabling me to bring health to all loved ones I touch!
  • Employee Name: Joey Pascal
    Location: Yellowknife, NT, Canada
    Job Title: Supervisor/Foreman
    I started working in drilling in 1964 with a company called Westcore, which then became MidWest and is now known as Major.  I have worked  as an equipment operator and a supervisor/foreman. My motto is to work in any position that will help get the job done.  I currently work out of the Yellowknife, NT, Canada branch.
    What do I like about Major?  I have good managers, am treated well by the company, work alot of hours and get alot of job satisfaction.
    If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am easy going, like to joke around alot.
  • Employee Name: Tom Book
    Location: Winnipeg, Canada
    Job Title: Inventory Co-ordinator
    I started in drilling with a company called  MidWest Drilling, now part of the Major group, in 1977.  I work as an inventory co-ordinator, utilizing different computer databases and software, out of the Winnipeg, Canada office.
     I am so lucky to be able to work with tremendous people, with such a great work ethic.  Major has an experienced team who consistently steps up to help each other.
    If I wasn’t in the drilling industry I would be a teacher.  But I have to say that while working for Major there has been the opportunity to teach as well as learn.
    I have to take a moment to pay tribute to fellow employee (driller) Bruno Zerbin.  He has been one of the most influential people in my life.  When I first started with the company I had to go into the field for training and he was the first person to take me out.  I worked closely with Bruno for almost 15 years.  Bruno has a tremendous work ethic and a sterling reputation in the global natural resources drilling field.
  • Employee Name: Claudio Peña Plaza
    Location: Chile
    Job Title: Driller/Machine Operator
    My name is Claudio Peña Plaza and I have been working at the Chile branch of Major Drilling for about three years. I have been working as a Driller/Machine Operator since February 2010.
    What I like most of working for Major is that we have a great team!  I like everything of my country.  The desert is what I like the most; the countryside of Copiapó and Antofagasta, the ponds, the “Salares”, the “Valle de La Luna” etc.
    Note: Claudio and other members of our Chilean crew were thrilled to be able to help out with determining the location of the trapped miners in August near Copiapó.
  • Employee Name: Nguyen Do
    Location: American Office
    Job Title: Marketing
    I am Nguyen Do and I have worked for Major Drilling in the American office for the past 18 and a half years.  I work on marketing our business to customers and on accounts receivable.  The most enjoyable part of my work is interacting with people, whether it is customers, vendors or co-workers.  I was born in Vietnam, but have since lived in California, Texas and Utah.
    In my spare time, I like to spend time with my family and golf (with close friends).
  • Employee Name: Marc Landry
    Location: Moncton
    Job Title: Corporate Controller

    I have been with Major Drilling Group International Inc. for the past 5 years in the Moncton office.   I currently hold the position of Corporate Controller.

    What I love most about working for Major Drilling are my colleagues.  Also, my work always presents a new challenge and sometimes I get to travel.  This has given me the chance to see parts of the world that I never would have experienced otherwise.

    If I could have my dream car it would be a white Lamborghini.  An exact replica of the one that was on a poster on my bedroom wall when I was a kid!

  • Employee Name: Denis Boucher
    Location: Suriname
    Job Title: Branch Manager

    Hi, I am Denis Boucher; I have been the Branch Manager of Major Drilling Suriname for a little over a year.  I started out with Major in 1989 doing field work in South America and Africa. I love the challenge of working with co-workers and customers in different countries around the world.

    Most of you might be surprised that I have over 21 years of drilling experience.  And, the word that describes me best is patient!