Denis Larocque, Major Drilling President & CEO

Q. Why is Environmental, Social & Governance an important part of your leadership approach?
A. For many years we have operated with the concepts that are now widely known as ESG. Sustaining our environment, strengthening communities and our workforce, and operating with integrity is what we do each day at our branches throughout the world, and it remains our continued goal.

Q. What can companies do to be more focused on important ESG issues they face?
A. It’s a duty for all of us in the industry to be more aware of Environmental, Social and Governance issues and be responsible corporate citizens. We need to take steps in the communities where we operate to contribute to their sustainable development of and improve the quality of life of their people and the planet in general.

Q. From the perspective of your position at Major Drilling, how is the company driving sustainability through ESG?
A. We have a great group of people worldwide making us successful and innovative. In my role, I have the opportunity to empower them and promote their efforts. The core value underlying our ESG Policy is integrity. That means we’re always taking steps to improve–from auditing and performance evaluation, to helping our managers take responsibility for their impacts, to being open and honest with stakeholders, to always leading out as a Board and Management team by upholding our ESG policy.

Q. What kind of examples can you provide of actions taken by Major Drilling to improve ESG?
A.  Many examples are everywhere in our company. From an environment perspective, we have started to implement water recirculation systems for drilling fluids that can reduce water consumption by up to 90%.  As well, our new rigs are now coming with much lower emission motors, reducing our carbon footprint going forward. From a social perspective, I am so proud of all the initiatives that our branches take in each of the local communities where we operate and how they are making a difference. Finally, from a governance perspective, for years we have been working with the same high standards of human resources, environmental practices and anti-corruption policies, irrespective of where we operate in the world.

Denis Larocque joined Major Drilling Group International Incorporated in 1994 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer on September 11, 2015, having held the office of Chief Financial Officer since 2006. Previously, he was Major’s VP Finance after rising in a series of roles with the company. Through the period of geographic expansion for Major Drilling that saw it grow from a privately owned Canadian company to a publicly traded multinational, he was involved in acquisitions and branch office setups in countries on every continent. He works at the Major Drilling Group International headquarters in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.