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Leading and Learning. As a responsible global corporate citizen, Major Drilling is working to better the environment, strengthen communities and govern itself with the highest standards.

ESG is a priority from the boardroom to the drill shack. The Board of Directors oversees the company’s stewardship and ensures appropriate corporate governance structures and systems are in place.

Major Drilling’s Environmental, Social & Governance Policy is a key part of that structure. Layered with established codes of ethics, anti-corruption and leading business practices, the policy is a sound way forward to the future of drilling. The Board works with management to ensure global operations are approached with outstanding leadership and governance.

Management relies on the Board’s guidance and information gathered from systemic risk management planning to evaluate potential security risks in the areas where we operate and conduct risk assessments before bidding on work in new regions.

Through ongoing Environmental, Social & Governance Framework and supporting Policies, Major Drilling continues a path of sustainability and  responsible global corporate citizenry.

Denis Larocque, Major Drilling President & CEO, and David B. Tennant, Chair of the Board, celebrating
the 25th anniversary of Major Drilling’s Toronto Stock Exchange initial public offering listing in March 2020.

Major Drilling Board of Directors

Major Drilling Management Team

We are committed to making impactful contributions to the communities where we operate across the globe.