Janice Cormier, Logistics Analyst, Major Drilling

Q. Why is it important for a company to strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
A. All companies, but especially mining industry companies it seems, are straddling a line between being responsible and getting work done. I’m proud that at Major Drilling, we’re doing both—working to limit climate change through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and providing access to reliable and affordable minerals.

Q. What can companies do to be more focused on important ESG issues they face?
A. Being on the front lines of Major Drilling’s participation in CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) reporting, I look for ways to reduce GHG emissions. I think companies everywhere can take a close look at climate change factors like extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, resource shortages, changing sea levels and changing temperatures. Companies can each do their part to make a worldwide difference.

Q. From the perspective of your position at Major Drilling, how is the company driving sustainability through ESG?
A. As a Logistics Analyst, I see how the comings and goings of the very large fleet of Major Drilling vehicles, drills and the supply chain for parts to our maintenance facilities can affect the environment. By focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and being transparent about reporting our part in climate change risks, we are making Major Drilling more sustainable.

Janice Cormier is a logistics professional who joined Major Drilling in 2012. She works at the Major Drilling Group International headquarters in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.