We offer a variety of sonic drilling equipment including truck or track mounted sonic drills.  Sonic is primarily utilized for characterization of waste rock and tailings piles as well as the installation of piezometers, monitoring wells, and remediation wells.

Surface Core Drilling

We have a variety of rigs with tracks, trucks, skids, helicopter, and man-portable options. We offer our customers a modern fleet with many rigs having rod handling capacity and all delivering great core recovery.

Reverse Circulation

With the right conditions, reverse circulation drilling offers faster penetration and lower cost per meter when an oriented core sample is not required.  Often a good solution for early stage exploration on a project.

Geotechnical Drilling

Our geotechnical fleet can help investigate soil stability for suitability of structures and conduct ongoing investigation to detect any changes or signs of developing problems, which may cause an issue or delays in development.

Percussive / DTH Drilling

We offer percussive down the hole hammer drilling in a variety of surface applications including drop raises and drill galleries in dams.

Large Diameter Coring

Provides a large core sample (8 inch/20 cm core) for selectively coring zones of interest.  Safe, mechanized handling for the 3 meter core barrel including loading and pumping of the triple tube system to enhance core recovery.

Multi-Purpose Drilling

These rigs give you the ability to quickly change between core, reverse circulation, and traditional rotary drilling.