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Major Drilling Group International Inc.
Policy and Procedures Concerning Donations and Sponsorships
The objective of this policy on donations and sponsorships is to ensure the equitable distribution of approved funds with a view to investing in the communities around the world in which we operate.   Major Drilling Group International Inc. studies sponsorship and donation applications based on the nature of the activity and on the Company's philosophy, allocation criteria and available budget.   All applications will be reviewed by the Sponsorship and Donation Committee.
Preferred Areas of Activity
The Company gives preference to the health and education sectors.  We are also involved with numerous other relevant sponsorships and donations through our branches around the world.  Individual sponsorships are available only to organizations with children of Major Drilling employees.
Donation or sponsorship requests are fulfilled in the form of either money, the exchange of services or promotional items.
Difference between Sponsorships and Donations
Sponsorships are promotional tools used by the Company to assist it in growing markets among designated customer groups.  The marketing/communications director works with designated organizations to coordinate visibility received in exchange for the Company's contribution.
In contrast, when the Company makes a charitable donation, it does not seek any visibility in return.
Screening Criteria
Sponsorship or donation funds are granted only to organizations that make formal application in advance.
Applications for $2,000 or more must be submitted on or before August 31 for consideration with respect to the budget for the following year.
Applications for less than $2,000 must be received at least three months prior to the event in question.
Any organization may receive only one donation or sponsorship per year.
Donations and sponsorships are not renewed automatically; a new application must be submitted each year.
Application Procedure
Applications may be submitted either by mail to Major Drilling Group International Inc., Sponsorship/Donation Requests, 111 St. George Street, Suite 100, Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 1T7, by email to robin.sauve@majordrilling.com or by fax to 506-857-9211.  
Please download the sponsorship and donation application.
Please allow 21 days from the date of receipt to receive a reply.