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Price VS Cost per Meter 2:41

Not all drilling estimates are created equal. It’s important to consider all the factors that go into the final cost of each drilling project. At Major Drilling we work to give you the most accurate estimates possible and have positioned ourselves int he industry to deliver on our promises.


A Culture of Safety in Action 3:00

We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining safe, quality drilling services and we have the data to back it up. Not only do we offer top notch drilling services, we do it all with the safety of our workers as priority. Doing this not only protects our workers, but ultimately it saves money and builds trust.


Paste Casing Case Study 1:38

Innovation and creativity are two things Major Drilling prides itself on having to make sure we can do even the most difficult jobs. Precision accuracy and problem solving skills allowed us to complete this job for our client.

Blast Hole Case Study 1:47

Blast hole drilling is a fundamental part of many job sites. It can make a huge difference to the time and budget of your project. In this video we explore how blast hole drilling can effect your job site and how Major Drilling helped one of our clients go above and beyond what they had hoped for.

Who is Major Drilling 3:00

Major Drilling is a worldwide drilling company operating in hundreds of locations around the world. With local experts everywhere they operate, Major Drilling offers a team of highly trained individuals to get the job done and give you the quality, safety, and results that you’re looking for.

Major U600 Presentation 2:54

Major Drilling Critical Risks Program 3:24

Major Drilling’s Critical Risks Management Program serves as a key part of our critical incident prevention strategy. CRM provides the controls deemed necessary to prevent potential fatalities, serious incidents and/or injuries that come from our most common hazards and risks encountered on our daily business tasks.


Day in the Life of a Driller 2:27