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Hyper Efficient Blast Hole Drilling

Our client contracted our team to provide three rigs to drill 152,000 meters in a little over 4 months.


Fragmentation is the most important part of any blast hole operation. Fragmentation is how much the material you are drilling breaks down. If it breaks too large it can’t be loaded into haul trucks and processed. This requires secondary breaking which not only costs money but slows down the operation. The placement and accuracy of each hole is essential to getting good fragmentation. A knowledgeable and skilled team can plan hole placement, angle, and depth to increase efficiencies. It reduces the amount of blasting material required, and the need for costly secondary breaking.


We finished over a month ahead of schedule and even drilled 3,000 meters more than the original goal. Our team went well above and beyond expectations. The goal was to average 200 meters drilled per rig per shift. We ended up averaging 270 meters per rig per shift with some rigs drilling over 400 meters in a single shift.

We delivered exceptional results surpassing all expectations while never sacrificing safety or quality.