Social Responsibility

Coming Together, Creating Value. For more than 40 years, we have interacted with communities around the world. Respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of our workers and the communities who could be impacted by our activities is the bedrock of our social responsibility efforts. As we align to create mutual and lasting benefits, we build long-term success for all involved. We do this through our teams and through our communities.

Strengthening Workers. Our teams are our lifeblood. Keeping them safe and successful is possible through continuous focus on three key areas:

  • Safety – Safety is a top priority delivered through the combined education and training of the Critical Risks Management, TAKE 5, and 10 Lifesaving Rules safety programs.
  • Diversity – We require talented, diverse and inclusive teams that reflect the makeup of the communities where we operate around the globe. From the boardroom to positions in the field, we are committed to diversity and human rights policies that strengthens workers including, but not limited to criteria such as sex, gender, geographical representation, education, background, regional and industry experience, ethnicity, age, disability, and other distinctions.
  • Positive Work Environment underpinned by a robust Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and an independent third-party reporting system.

Giving Back. It’s always a good feeling to share what you have with someone who needs it. Our branches throughout the world feel this urge and regularly reach out through community initiatives, understanding of local needs, and answering calls from community leaders. Showing how #MajorDrillingCares is more than a social responsibility, it is an honor.

Lasting Relationships. We build lasting relationships as we strive to respect and recognize local needs. We work to offer local employment, risk mitigation, positive impact and to establish lasting and meaningful partnerships. We have numerous indigenous joint venture partnerships that are central to our operations.

Team Safety

Risk Mitigation


Giving Back

Positive Work Environment

Local Partners & Employment