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Social Responsibility

Our success over the years has been made possible thanks to the ongoing dedication and commitment of our global workforce. We aim to serve as valued contributors to the communities where we operate, as well as responsible corporate citizens in the eyes of the Company’s workforce, clients, local communities, shareholders, and other external stakeholders. Respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of our workers and the communities that could be impacted by our activities is the bedrock of Major Drilling’s social responsibility efforts.

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In the Community

Major Drilling Cares
Major Drilling wants to work in partnership with our customers to improve the quality of life in the diverse communities in which we operate. With the best people on the ground and a modern diversified drilling fleet, we partner with our customers and local communities for outstanding results.

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Partnering With Indigenous Communities
For over 15 years, Major Drilling has worked in partnership with various Indigenous communities. Not only have these partnerships proved successful from an operational standpoint, they’ve also helped to provide meaningful employment opportunities and other contributions to these communities.  Major Drilling encourages community involvement, employment, and support for local suppliers, whenever possible.

Read more about what Major Drilling is doing in communities around the globe  in our Sustainability Reports here.

A Culture of Safety

Our People
Respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights(link) of our workers and the communities that could be impacted by our activities is the bedrock of our social responsibility efforts.

Major Drilling believes that to achieve long-term success, we require talented, diverse and inclusive teams. We have an ongoing goal to have a workforce that reflects the makeup of the communities where we operate around the globe as we strive to maximize employment of citizens of the countries in which we operate.

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