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Major Drilling promotes a proactive approach to the health and safety of all our employees.

Our safety system has been developed to meet or exceed all applicable government and client standards. 

By partnering with industry leaders in behavioral safety, incident investigation, workers’ compensation, and OSHAS standards, we have built a comprehensive integrated management system.

This program utilizes the latest technology to ensure all branches have access to the most up-to-date standards and any information we gain is shared with the entire Company quickly.  Our crews are well trained, dedicated employees who know safety excellence occurs when every employee understands their right and responsibility to work safely every day.



Lost Time Incident Free Hours


Our safety program has been designed to meet government and client requirements. Major Drilling’s system elements have been developed according to OHSAS 18001 standards.  We are committed to a comprehensive management system while not forgetting that safety begins in the field with our fundamental programs such as TAKE 5.  This is the Company’s field-level simple risk assessment tool used to identify and control hazards encountered on site at the moment and in the environment where the task is being completed.  We have also developed our own “10 Lifesaving Rules” to highlight serious risks and the controls which allow us to prevent serious injuries.  We also have a continuous improvement plan to keep our elements, processes, procedures and management practices  above industry standards.  

How to conduct a TAKE 5 risk assessment
before beginning a new task

1. Think Through the Task
2. Look for the Exposure
3. Assess the Risk
4. Take Precautions and Remove the Risk
5. Do the Job Safely

Enacting Take 5 means:

  • Strictly following all applicable Safe Work Procedures (SWP) and company safety standards
  • Inspecting all equipment before use
  • Locking out equipment prior to completing any maintenance
  • Participating in internal and third-party safety audits to ensure the system continues to meet the evolving risks in our industry.


To help express this value, we have introduced our 10 lifesaving rules.

  1. Watch out for my fellow workers.
  2. Wear fall protection while working at heights.
  3. Lock out and check for remaining energy before beginning any maintenance or repair.
  4. Arrive and remain fit for duty while at work. Avoid impairment from fatigue, alcohol and/or drugs.
  5. Not remove or bypass any guard, safety device, or procedure.
  6. Not attempt a task unless I am trained, competent and authorized.
  7. Use TAKE 5 to reduce risk for myself and my team.
  8. Wear my seat belt at all times while traveling in vehicles.
  9. Keep my hands out of crush points and stay clear or any suspended rods, tools or leads.
  10. Avoid any distractions while driving.

The rules will be incorporated into the induction training, reinforced with staff on a regular basis and placed on all job sites.

“Safety is a core value in our operations”, says Vice-President of HR & Safety, Ben Graham. “These 10 lifesaving rules best communicate many of Major Drilling’s key risks and controls to our team and to our customers.”


Our newest safety initiative comes in the form of our Critical Risks Management Program. Our CRM program will serve as a key part to a critical incident prevention strategy. It will provide the controls deemed necessary to prevent potential fatalities, serious incidents and/or injuries that come from our most common hazards and risks encountered in our daily business tasks.

Every critical risk identified in this program will have a set list of critical controls. Every shift, when an employee encounters a critical risk logo they will need to stop and complete the corresponding critical control checklist.