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Mine Services

Miles below. Miles ahead.

You can count on our global team of local experts for any of your surface drilling projects around the world.

Grade Control

We can conduct pit sampling using rotary or reverse circulation, surveying, or sampling of drill hole cuttings at 1.2-meter spacings.

Service Holes

In mines worldwide, we can complete steerable drilling and casing installation. We also can drill pilot holes that reach the target point or ream them to size specifications.

Pressure Grouting & Grout Curtains

We can install pressure grouting for ground water control or to prevent water influx from groundwater. We also install smart cables to study and monitor rock mechanics. In addition, we can install other ground control monitoring instruments.

Probe Holes (Cover Drilling)

We can help you know what’s ahead. Let us be your experts at drilling in advance of production mining. We can perform ground investigations and drilling ahead of development to predict groundwater or poor ground conditions.

Centerline Drilling

You want to ensure your project has ideal breakthrough with adjoining excavation. Major Drilling makes it happen with accurate drifts and raise development breakthrough.

Reverse Circulation

R/C drilling can be an cost-effective way to prove or expand reserves in active mining projects. Our capabilities include deep-hole projects, large diameter casing advancement and angle drilling up to 45 degrees.

Smart Cables

Smart cables are used to study and monitor rock mechanics. We can install and grout in this and other ground control monitoring instruments.