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Rotary Drilling Services

Miles below. Miles ahead.

You can count on our global team of local experts for any of your rotary drilling projects around the world.

Shallow Oil & Gas

We offer exploration and development services for shallow oil & gas projects that can be drilled vertically or directionally. We can supply BOPs, solids control systems, casing services and other well support equipment.

Preset Surface & Intermediate Casing Strings

Save money and time by presetting your surface casing for deep oil & gas wells. Much more cost effective than having an oil rig starting from surface.

Directional Drilling

We offer directional drilling services and can utilize a wide range of survey systems including single and multi-shot cameras, gyros and MWD system.


Our crews are experienced drilling temperature gradient, injection, slim hole, and production wells. Our training and experience means crews are prepared to properly handle H2s, excessive temperatures, and BOP equipment.

Flooded Reverse and Aerated Mud Drilling

This requires a combination of fluid and air, introducing lower air pressure into the drill string than conventional drilling, lightening the mud column and reducing damage to weak formations. This works well with coal-bed methane wells.

Large Diameter Air Drilling

Drilled using large percussion hammers or rotary bits and may require several compressors and/or boosters for proper hole cleaning.