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Defining Reads: Nighthawk Exploration[:fr]Definin

By December 11, 2018April 25th, 2022No Comments

Major Drilling driller Brad Blaskievich and Curtis Peltz at Baton Lake.

Nighthawk explores regions near Colomac in NWT

A recently published article in The Northern Miner goes deep into Nighthawk Gold’s extensive 2018 drilling program at Indin Lake, in Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT). Written by Trish Saywell, longtime reporter at the global mining industry newspaper, the article reports that Nighthawk not only has already proven successes at the Colomac, Grizzly Bear, and Goldcrest deposits, it also has spent a lot of time drilling several of its regional gold deposits and showings. The purpose is to develop a vast, underexplored, new gold camp within the Indin Lake greenstone belt of the Northwest Territories, about 200 km north of Yellowknife, NWT.

Nighthawk staff inspecting core samples at the Indin Lake gold property. Credit: Nighthawk, as published in The Northern Miner.

Major Drilling has been part of every portion of Nighthawk’s extensive drilling program in the region. As the exclusive driller on the many properties mentioned in the article, activities there may be an indicator of the potential of Nighthawk’s prospects, as well as a promising industry outlook in 2019.

The author of the article writes several paragraphs describing shallow holes drilled to expose visible gold in multiple locations with many details about meter depths and grams of gold per ton in each hole. In the article, Nighthawk CEO Mike Byron said, “The whole concept of why we consolidated the Indin Lake belt was to demonstrate that it is a gold camp at its very early stages of exploration and evolution.” He further explained, “We’re closer to the beginning than the end, that’s why it is so exciting. You never know what the next drill hole is going to give you.”

Nighthawk has done a great job at disclosing the potential of the previously unknown deposits at Indin Lake. Major Drilling has helped the company focus on extending the deposits and exploring for a prospective connection along the strike, while searching for new deposits along the Leta Arm Fault Zone as well.

“We’ve been a long-time partner with Nighthawk Gold in this region, drilling core sample after core sample for them,” said Kevin Norberg, Major Drilling’s Regional Manager over Western Canada. “It’s a reenergized time in the industry, and we applaud Nighthawk’s successes as they continue to extend their drilling program.”

We recommend the full article, “Nighthawk explores regions near Colomac in NWT”, written by Trish Saywell for The Northern Miner to you, our reader, as a Major Drilling Defining Read.

Bill Waychison, Nighthawk Gold’s exploration manager, examines a core sample at the Colomac gold project in the Northwest Territories. Credit: Nighthawk Gold, as published in The Northern Miner.