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Major Drilling’s 3,400-meter Drilling Feat

By May 1, 2019No Comments

In 2008, Major Drilling achieved a record-breaking depth of more than 3,400 meters at Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. Red Lake is known as the high-grade gold capital of the world, yet finding those potential riches comes with the challenge of reaching the depths needed to extract them. Through innovation and experience, Major Drilling explored and exposed the site’s potential with its diamond core drilling techniques.

Roger Garneau, a 42-year veteran with Major Drilling, served as foreman on the Red Lake project. “With the challenge of drilling so deep, getting to the target was made possible chiefly through the experience of the Major Drilling team,” said Garneau.

Because the Major Drilling staff on this project each averaged 35 years of exploration experience, Garneau’s team was able to branch the hole, innovate at each turn and make decisions that achieved the very deep goal.

“It is the deepest hole I have ever worked on,” said Garneau. “The rock was so far away, and the pressure was elevated making this a very specialized project.”

The team continually checked core samples and used its experience with drilling equipment to respond to conditions and the partner’s goals. At these previously untested depths, the effort brought newly exposed challenges to dealing with challenging rock conditions and coring operations. The crew and geologists stayed together throughout the duration of the project to meet the depth of this record-breaking hole.

Major Drilling is one of the world’s largest and most successful drilling services companies primarily serving the mining and mineral exploration industry. Achieving exceptional drill depths is one of the many services we offer.

Four of the team members responsible for the 3,400-meter depth are seen
at the drill site in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Roger Garneau, Red Lake Project Foreman for Major Drilling