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Major Drilling’s Top Five Stories
of 2023

By December 20, 2023No Comments

During another remarkable year, Major Drilling experienced incredible growth and resilience in 2023. The workforce of 3,400+ employees delivered new safety milestones, positive ESG changes, renewed emphasis on innovation and an ever-present desire to show how Major Drilling cares for the community.  It all combined for an impactful year at 20 branches in 15 countries around the globe. Enjoy these top five Major Drilling stories of 2023.

1. Safety Milestones

It was a great year for safety performance and LTI-free records as Major Drilling’s world-class safety programs and proactive approach to the health and safety of all employees resulted in new records at two locations:

  • In Brazil, teams celebrated an impressive 10 years of lost time injury free. Their non-stop commitment to 10 Lifesaving Rules, Take 5 and Critical Risks Management Safety Programs shows how choosing safety as a priority pays off over time. The decade of LTI-free work is not just a win for Major Drilling, it is also a reflection of how clients actively participated by sharing safety information and tools.
  • In the Philippines, the branch celebrated with Filminera Resource Corp. The entire mine team is part of the incredible tally of 32,331,085 hours LTI free across five years at the Masbate Gold Project.

2. Incredible Growth and Resilience

Fiscal year 2023 proved to be a big year of revenue growth. The mining industry showed its preference for Major Drilling as an expert operator and employer. The company’s robust balance sheet, 35 new rigs, steadfast dedication to safety, and emphasis on exploration for the green energy transition made for a very successful combination. Read details in the Fiscal 2023 Annual Report.

Members of the Board of Directors and staff visit Ivanhoe Electric’s Santa Cruz Copper Project in Arizona, USA in October.

3. ESG for the Green Energy Transition & Sustainability

Prioritizing Environmental, Social and Governance meant more positive changes in 2023. As the world leader in specialized drilling, Major Drilling is well positioned to help discover the resources required to drive the green energy transition. Community involvement and expanding workforce diversity continue as priorities. The company achieved over 9 million hours worked Lost Time Injury free. It’s clear that commitment to ESG continues to create long-term value and sustainability. Read more in the 2022 Sustainability Report.

4. Major Innovation

Major Drilling is an innovative company. At branches across the globe, improvements in safety and efficiency are continuous.

  • The company is employing coring systems that are safer and faster than other available systems.
  • Upgrades are being deployed to proactively reduce rod handling pinch points and minimize heavy lifting.
  • Now in service, specially designed energy-saving boosters allow for power on demand.
  • New technologies have begun to capture and deliver real-time drill data.
  • Drills are being customized for improved safety and efficiency.

Overall, bringing more innovation to projects is a win-win for Major Drilling and its customers as the demand for specialized drilling increases.

5. Major Drilling Cares

Proving once again that there are few boundaries on the capacity of Major Drilling employees to care about their communities, branches gave back in many ways during 2023. Staff hosted a thought-provoking suicide prevention seminar in Australia, supported the independence of people with disabilities in the USA, donated to the South Gobi Mongolia Red Cross, gave supplies to a Brazil nursery school and so much more. It is an honor and a responsibility to show how Major Drilling cares for the communities where it does business. See more ways that Major Drilling Cares.

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Major Drilling teams delivered much-needed supplies to a special needs school in Sulawesi, Indonesia, including wheelchairs, uniforms and stationery.

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