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Major Drilling Mozambique’s Non-Stop Drill and Blast Performance

By July 9, 2019October 5th, 2022No Comments

The Major Drilling Mozambique team at work with our Drill & Blast rigs.

Recently, the Major Drilling Mozambique team showed off its equipment in a striking photo showing two Epiroc Flexiroc D65 drills, which are the first of their kind in Mozambique. The team uses drill and blast techniques to break through the geology allowing for resource excavation at the site.

Most of the drilling team members are native to Mozambique. They are newly trained on the D65 rigs and are achieving impressive results. The team operates the D65 rigs around the clock and has steadily and safely increased production to more than 40,000 meters drilled per month.

The D65 drills are equipped with advanced electronics and parameter controls. Constant monitoring is done with on-board telematics signal location, penetration rates, meters drilled, engine performance, carbon dioxide emissions, utilization figures, and more. The telematics are constantly uploaded to a webhost for production, utilization, and maintenance analysis.

To support D65 operations, Major Drilling focuses heavily on preventative maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize results. This approach allows near constant drilling down the hole at depths up to 15 meters in diameters of 152 millimeters keeping the drills in good working condition so they can perform around the clock.

Major Drilling’s drill and blast work is just one of the many services offered to partners throughout the world. No matter the project, Major Drilling can provide expert solutions using a wide variety of equipment. Contact us for more information on how to get started with your next project.

See our VIDEO showing how Major Drilling approaches Drill and Blast projects to deliver exceptional results, surpassing all expectations while still ensuring safety and quality.

Preventative maintenance and prestart checks being performed.

Risk assessments being conducted before refueling process.

This photo shows a shift handover in process during pre-starts to ensure quality of communication between shifts.

Major Drilling Mozambique team members meticulously plan drill sequence of preset drill and blast position markers in Tete Province. Markers are set by the mine, and Major Drilling teams decide the sequence based on wind direction, access, and vicinity to other equipment.

Two baobab trees are seen just beyond drilling operations in Tete Province, Mozambique.