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S-IMEW Geology Students Join Major Drilling in the Field

By May 13, 2019No Comments

S-IMEW Students and Major Drilling experts met on May 6, 2019 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada for a hands-on workshop where students learned more about specialized drilling and its role in the mineral exploration sector.

Photo Credit: PDAC

Photo Credit: PDAC

Twenty-six of Canada’s top geoscience students selected to join the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) student program known as S-IMEW (Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop) met with Major Drilling at its Sudbury, Ontario, Canada offices May 6, 2019 for a day of hands-on learning. This is the second year Major Drilling has sponsored the S-IMEW field trip, part of a four-day workshop to help students learn about the extensive variety of careers in the mineral exploration industry.

Students spent time with three of Major Drilling’s 600+ drills observing and handling drill controls on percussive and surface drills. For many in the group, this was their first encounter with professional, large-scale drilling equipment. Students also learned key safety approaches as well as the value of partnership in the drilling sector.

“Having the S-IMEW geology students with us on site is a great way to share real-life aspects of what specialized drilling and mineral exploration looks like,” said Kevin Slemko, Major Drilling’s Corporate Business Development Manager, whose presentation to the students explained drilling with a strategic business perspective.

Additional specialists from Major Drilling who conducted the S-IMEW workshop were Brian Tylko, Percussive Manager Canada; David Ruddy, Exploration Area Manager; Mike Burns, Surface Exploration Supervisor; and Cody Lanovaz, Percussive Area Manager.

After distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), a critical part of Major Drilling’s commitment to workplace safety, Major Drilling experts provided students with three live drill demonstrations showing the capabilities of the Smart8 underground core drill, the AVD8000 surface core drill, and the Surface (T-40) percussive drill. In addition, workstations set up with core and drill tooling showcased how these tools are used to bring the work quality and project results Major Drilling’s clients know and experience.

“We have a special relationship with PDAC and S-IMEW students,” said Slemko. “We are pleased to take part in this year’s PDAC S-IMEW event to help drive the industry forward for the next generation.”