Case Studies
Major Recognized with Cameco Safety Award
Since 2007 Major Drilling Mongolia has been working with Cameco completing uranium exploration in the Eastern part of Mongolia. This partnership has resulted in Major Mongolia being awarded the Cameco global contractor safety award for 2010.
"Safety was critical from the start of the project,” says Major’s Regional General Manager Asia, John Ross Davies. “The challenges of this drilling project were made more complex due to the local conditions where scrub fires are a regular occurrence during the summer drilling season.”
By the end of the 2010 drilling season, over 15,000 meters have been completed with no reportable accidents or incidents. There were several of our crew members who have played a key role in accomplishing this achievement including our long serving employees, Supervisor, Jarrod Ward and Senior Driller, Gansaikhan Batbayar.
"Cameco prides itself on its dedication to safety and the preservation of the environment,” says Cameco Mongolia Project Geologist, Kristl Hoksbergen. “It is evident that Major Mongolia is also committed to these values, as we have seen through this award. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial partnership with Major Mongolia."
The Eastern part of Mongolia is one of the most isolated and sparsely populated areas in the world. Encompassing more than 95,000 square miles, Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe is the largest expanse of unspoiled, temperate grassland in the world. Each year, about a million Mongolian gazelles migrate across this vast landscape of short grass and sparse trees, in herds of thousands at a time. Many other animals also live on the Steppe, including the grey wolf, Siberian marmot, Steppe polecat, Pallas cat, and Daurian hedgehog. The endangered saker falcon soars above the Steppe, and 6 of the world’s 13 species of crane are found here, including the rare Siberian crane.
Many Major crew members witnessed wolves travelling near the camp and drill site.  Mongolian gazelles in the Eastern Steppes undertake one of the world's largest migrations, only rivalled by the caribou in North America, and the wildebeest in Africa.  Many thousands of gazelles move across the wide open plains every year in search of food and water.
The Eastern part of Mongolia is abundant with uranium resources where Russians used to mine uranium during the Soviet era.   There were over 10,000 Russian miners at the mine called Mardai.
 “Major Mongolia will continue to be dedicated to safety and taking care of the land where we drill,” says Davies.  “It has been a pleasure and a rewarding experience to work with Cameco Mongolia, and we look forward to maintaining our partnership for many years to come.”
Left to right in picture
Scott Hardy - Cameco Regional Manager Asia
Kristl Hoksbergen - Cameco Project Geologist Mongolia
Tsogtsaikhan Jargalsaikhan - Cameco Safety Manager Mongolia
Ulzii Chuluun - HSE Manager Mongolia / Kazakhstan
John Ross Davies - Regional General Manager Asia
Kerryn Hornby - Country Manager Mongolia