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Our Approach to Sustainability

Our long-term sustainability depends on the foundations built by our global workforce. While we’ve been operating with a number of important sustainability practices embedded in our operations for many years, particularly on the health and safety side, it was in mid-2020 that we took the next step to formalize and implement our global ESG Framework and adopt our ESG Policy.

As the worldwide leader in specialized drilling, and as experts in mineral exploration and mine services, it is Major Drilling’s responsibility to continuously monitor and improve our operations as we seek to minimize our environmental impact and bring positive contributions to the communities where we operate.

ESG is at the core of our corporate purpose and values: creating sustainable value by partnering with our customers and communities to discover minerals for building a better future.  Major Drilling strives to position itself as an important player in the low carbon transition and as the contractor of choice for senior clients trying to meet their climate change goals. 

Read more about Major Drilling’s ESG efforts in our Sustainability Reports here.





Our Commitment

We believe there is a direct relationship between our ESG performance and the success of our business and that of our clients. The Company’s ESG Policy enshrines Major Drilling’s commitment to lead on ESG in the mineral drilling industry and to carry out business through high ethical standards and social behaviour. To this end, Major Drilling has implemented a number of policies and procedures that outline how it expects these standards to be achieved. The following elements serve as the bedrock of our ESG Policy:

Environmental Stewardship

Major Drilling and its subsidiaries will work to minimize, mitigate and/or remediate our impact on the environment and proactively manage the environmental risks and effects of our operations. We will use energy and other resources efficiently in our operations. Outstanding environmental management will be regarded as a core business activity alongside outstanding operational productivity.  We are committed to seeking way to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and responsible operational water management.

Social Responsibility

Respecting the fundamental freedoms and human rights of our workers and the communities that could be impacted by our activities is the bedrock of Major Drilling’s social responsibility efforts.  Health and safety is at the heart of our business culture, and the well-being of our employees is our top priority and central to our long-term business resilience.

We aim to ensure that our goals and those of the communities we operate in are aligned to create mutual and lasting benefits, as this is critical to our long-term success.  We make a special effort to hire and train local employees, as well as use local suppliers when possible. Our workforce around the globe is a reflection of the communities where we operate as our branch office and field personnel are predominantly local hires.

Leadership & Governance

Major Drilling’s Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the Company and all subsidiaries and controlled entities, providing independent, effective leadership to supervise the management of the Company’s business and affairs to grow value responsibly, in a profitable and sustainable manner and with due regard for the interests of its shareholders generally and other stakeholders.  Major Drilling’s Board of Directors is committed to acting in the best interests of the Company as a whole, as well as our shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Related Policies

Major Drilling ESG Committee

The ESG Committee’s purpose is to support the Company’s ongoing commitment to environmental, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, sustainability, and other public policy matters relevant to the Company (collectively “ESG Matters”). The ESG Committee is a cross-functional committee of the Company. It assists the Senior Leadership Team of the Company in (a) setting general strategy relating to ESG Matters, (b) developing, implementing, and monitoring initiatives and policies based on that strategy, (c) overseeing communications with stakeholders with respect to ESG Matters, (d) monitoring and assessing developments relating to, and improving the Company’s understanding of ESG Matters, and (e) efficient and timely disclosure of ESG matters to internal and external stakeholders.

Andrew McLaughlin

VP Legal Affairs & General Counsel, ESG Committee Vice Chair, Governance Lead, Environmental Co-Lead

Lisa Holt

Sustainability & ESG Coordinator, ESG Committee Chair

Ben Graham

VP HR & Safety, Health & Safety Lead, Environmental Lead

Kevin Slemko

VP US Operations

Meghan Thebeau

Marketing Coordinator, Social Responsibility Lead

Leomila (Bhing) Maglantay

Financial Controller US Operations

Ulzii Chuluun

Regional HSEC Manager

Shima Jagernath

Human Resources Manager

Rocky McLellan

GM - North American UG Operations

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