It’s our responsibility. Major Drilling is the worldwide leader in specialized drilling. As experts in mineral exploration and mine services, we know it is our responsibility to look closely at the impact we have—not only in how we are positioned in the mining industry, but also how we serve to protect our shared environment and communities.

For more than 40 years, our values of creating quality, safety and results in all we do have guided our international growth and global operations. Our long-term sustainability depends on the sustainability of the world around us. We have enshrined this belief in Major Drilling’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policy.

Our commitment. It’s our commitment to build on our foundation of strong corporate governance and leading health and safety programs by making impactful contributions to the communities where we operate.

  • We are committed to environmental stewardship to limit climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and excessive water use.
  • We are committed to social responsibility efforts that create mutual and lasting benefits for our teams and our communities.
  • We are committed to putting responsibility, stewardship, ethics, and anticorruption at the forefront of our governance structures.

Integrity matters. Major Drilling is committed to following the highest standards of business ethics and social behavior.

Together, Major Drilling employees, contractors and all stakeholders combine to take ownership to declare and foster our renewed focus to become a more sustainable company and responsible global corporate citizen.

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