Welcome to Major Drilling Group International Inc.

As your drilling contractor of choice, we invite you to take a few moments to browse through our website. We hope you enjoy the new format and updated content. We welcome any feedback, and invite you to contact us anytime.  
You can access information about our new acquisition, Taurus Drilling at www.taurusds.com 
Major Drilling Group International Inc. is committed to a proactive and innovative approach to its people, equipment and safety. Major Drilling’s entire working culture is based first and foremost on ensuring a safe working environment for our employees. Safety is also of primary consideration whenever we purchase new businesses, equipment or work through new processes.
A global drilling company servicing customers around the world, Major Drilling had its beginning in the industry in 1980 in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Over the years we have grown into one of the world’s largest metals and minerals contract drilling companies. 
We are registered in 20 countries, and have a fleet of over 700 drills. We have extensive experience to mobilize to other parts of the globe to meet specific customers’ needs.
We offer the following types of drilling services:
surface and underground coring
directional drilling
reverse circulation drilling
sonic drilling
geothermal drilling
environmental and water-well drilling
coal-bed methane and shallow gas drilling
Providing quality work for our clients and getting the job done are our top priorities. Senior management bring over 1,000 years of experience into the customer relationship. Equally important to the organization are our strong relationships between the local communities, our clients and our employees.
“Having well trained, safety-focused employees leads to success for everyone,” says Major Drilling’s President and CEO, Francis McGuire.  “Success for our customers.  Success for our stakeholders.  Success for our people.  It is truly a win-win scenario built on a solid foundation of safety, innovation and responsible governance." ​​