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Major Definitions: Take 5

Exploring Specialized Drilling with Major Drilling Because drilling is a field with at-risk activities, Major Drilling focuses every day to bring a proactive approach to the health and safety of its employees. Being proactive about safety also helps valued partners…
Kevin Gibson
March 20, 2019
BlogsDefining Reads

Major Definitions : Core Orientation

Drilling's Unique Compass Like an exciting voyage on the open ocean, exploration drilling is an adventure. When breaking through tough formations, reaching impressive depths, or facing challenging geology, there are unique tools that help drillers find their way. Just like…
Kevin Gibson
December 19, 2018

Experienced Driller Marks Major Milestone

Experienced Driller Marks Major Milestone - After a Lifetime of Drilling, Bruno Zerbin Celebrates 50 Years with Major Drilling and the Industry Inside the Thompson Nickel Belt, nestled among the Canadian pines and lakes of Manitoba province, lies Soab Lake.…
Kevin Gibson
November 2, 2018