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New Drills Ready for Worldwide Specialized Drilling Campaigns

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Major Drilling is ready. Now available are four innovative drills Major Drilling is offering to respond to the mining industry upturn. The company is prepared as demand for commodities increases. “The lack of gold and copper reserves is driving exploration potential worldwide,” Denis Larocque, President and CEO of Major Drilling, said.

The rigs are designed for exploration, drill and blast, reverse circulation and specialized drilling applications to enhance work for clients worldwide. Changes in the commodities market is helping move the upswing in the industry toward exploration.

The four drill types, three specifically designed for coring, feature unique innovations and versatile application. They are available now to clients who are gearing up for new campaigns and to clients returning to Major Drilling’s expertise in establishing world-class drilling campaigns.

EF-75M Core Drill

The EF-75M core drill is best described as a rig that offers the next level of innovation. Its design improves on-site efficiencies and increases production with a focus on operator safety.

Rigorous terrain and climates need drills that are innovative and convertible. The EF-75M offers track, skid, truck and heli-portable mounting options. Its cold and warm weather track systems are also convertible to adapt to weather and terrain extremes.

EF-75M Core Drill
Depth Up to 2,700 meters
Type Surface coring drill
Highlights Mobility, multi-track mounts, hands free rod handling

Major Drilling’s EF-75M drill greatly improves productivity and safety for core drilling projects

Watch the video of the EF-75M’s capabilities in rod handling innovation.

Easily deployable, the EF-75M increases production and efficiency with set up taking less than an hour. Workers are protected by rod handling innovation, and they improve results using a unique mast designed for accurate core orientation.

D65 Surface Rigs

Three members of Major Drilling’s management team recently visited Sweden to complete the purchase of the Epiroc D65 drill and blast rig also equipped with a grade control reverse circulation package.

“A big reason we chose the D65 is because it comes with a reverse circulation package suitable for grade control at most open pit operations,” Ashley Martin, Vice President of Major Drilling South America Operations, said. “The D65 is ready, available and we have access to more as we increase our footprint with these types of services.”

D65 Surface Rig
Depth Down-the-hole max depth 56 meters
Type Surface drill and blast equipped with grade control RC package
Highlights Efficient, highly atomated, increased safety

Drill and blast work is an area of specialized drilling expertise for Major Drilling. The purchase of the new D65 can support projects like the impressive drill and blast work being done at Major Drilling Mozambique and any grade control project.

Major Drilling management team members (left to right) Ashley Martin, Marc Landry and Kelly Johnson recently purchased a new Epiroc D65 drill and blast rig to meet industry demands.

LF-350 Surface Coring Rig at Rio Tinto’s Resolution Copper Mine

There’s no shortage of talk about innovation in today’s mining and mineral exploration industry. The upward turn in the market is encouraging senior and junior commodity producers alike to move ahead with once-dormant exploration programs. Responding to this demand is one of Major Drilling’s areas of expertise.

LF-350 Surface Core Rig
Depth 3,360 meters
Type Surface coring
Highlights Deep hole exploration, increased safety, productivity, hands free rod handling

Major Drilling is offering its fully hands free, horizontal stacking rod handlers with the LF-350 drill being used now at Resolution Copper’s project in Arizona, USA. This equipment brings a much-needed tool to the forefront of clients’ projects and much-needed automation into the hands of drillers.

When computer assisted robotic arms do the heavy lifting, they eliminate dangerous pinch points where drill rods are loaded. Major Drilling has an excellent safety record and numerous awards recognizing its commitment to safety thanks to its investment in risk assessment programs like TAKE 5 that define safety for Major Drilling and the industry.

Major Drilling is developing rod handling automation to fit all applicable drills. Ongoing investment in newer equipment sets Major Drilling apart in the industry.

Smart 8 Core Drill
Depth Up to 2,000 meters
Type Underground coring
Highlights Automated rod handling, increased safety, technical drilling, Automated Pilot Control system

Smart 8 Underground Core Drill

The Smart 8 is an underground coring drill that can go as deep as 2,000 meters. What makes it “smart” is the Automated Pilot Control system (APC) combined with the automated rod handler.

The Smart 8’s rod handling maneuver takes just 25 seconds, either using a joystick and touch pad or using automated programming to direct the machine. After a driller assistant loads rods onto the rod presenter, with automation, operators can step aside and do critical, nearby tasks. This helps them save time and eliminate several safety concerns.

“Underground core drilling is an important part of our operations,” Kelly Johnson, Senior Vice President of Major Drilling’s North America and Africa Operations, said. “Our customers are really pleased when we offer innovative drills that complete their jobs more efficiently and in a safer way than ever before.”

A portion of Major Drilling’s Smart 8 fleet was assigned to Resolution Copper’s deep drilling project in Arizona, USA. With a site demanding extremely technical core drilling processes, Resolution Copper was confident in choosing Major Drilling, with its Smart 8 drill, to manage exploration there. Major Drilling teams were recognized in 2014 for safety performance at Resolution.

Major Drilling’s Smart 8 underground core drills address extremely difficult processes for client Resolution Copper.

To make Major Drilling’s new equipment part of your next drilling campaign,
contact Corporate Business Development Manager Kevin Slemko.

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