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Major Definitions: Take 5

By March 20, 2019No Comments

Exploring Specialized Drilling with Major Drilling

Because drilling is a field with at-risk activities, Major Drilling focuses every day to bring a proactive approach to the health and safety of its employees. Being proactive about safety also helps valued partners know they can trust Major Drilling’s expertise.

What is Take 5

“The TAKE 5 risk assessment is an important training tool we use to ensure employees understand how to avoid injuries and unsafe situations,” says Ben Graham, Major Drilling’s Vice President of Human Resources and Safety. “Knowing how to avoid risk means our expertly trained teams are ready to do each job well and safely.”

The TAKE 5 risk assessment specifies five critical steps to work safely:

  1. Think Through the Task
  2. Look for the Exposure
  3. Assess the Risk
  4. Take Precautions
  5. Do the Job Safely

Take 5 is simple, memorable, and easy to learn. The TAKE 5 steps can be recalled quickly in any situation—from pouring hot coffee to drilling boreholes. It empowers employees to act on their rights to work safely every day.

How We Use It

Creating a memorable safety training program is a sure way to enhance a company’s dedication to what matters most—its people. Every Major Drilling employee is to conduct a TAKE 5 risk assessment before beginning a new task. Here are a few examples of how TAKE 5 is making a difference in Major Drilling’s worldwide field operations:

When You Need It

Not just for employees, TAKE 5 offers Major Drilling customers a clear outline of how work will be performed on their job site. It brings peace of mind to know that each day, mineral exploration and drilling work is being conducted with TAKE 5 in mind by more than 3,400 employees who are using more than 600 drills on five different continents.

Companies that hire exploration and drilling services want to ensure their project will be assigned to competent, safety-driven teams with a work approach built on quality, safety, and results. These are the values each Major Drilling employee stands for and will bring to every job. Contact us to find out how to bring TAKE 5 and our safety expertise to your next drilling project.