Responsible Stewards. We are committed to being good stewards of the environment where we work.

Mining and drilling activities are inherently disturbing to land and environment. Drilling and mine services can cause climate change impacts including greenhouse gas emissions and water disturbances. Yet, significant economic, small business development, and community partnerships create benefits to our communities. They also provide the world access to essential minerals for modern life.

We partner on projects where we can work to minimize, mitigate and remediate our impact on the environment. With proactive management of environmental risks and effects of our operations, we can do our part to help stem climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Seeking Sustainability. We monitor and manage climate change-related risks that could impact our drilling services operations (and administrative support) around the world. We use CDP to identify ways we can manage our environmental impacts. This program helps us identify and respond to potential opportunities for greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

We recognize the need to use water responsibly. This includes reducing water use, recycling and reusing water where possible in operations around the world.

From collaborations with clients, such as planting trees to remediate a jobsite in the Philippines, to understanding our role in the supply chain of essential metals like battery metals for electric vehicles, we strive to advance responsible environmental management.

Solar powered block-cave monitoring system at Oyu Tolgoi Copper and
Gold Mining Complex south of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Major Drilling operations staff plant trees to remediate drilling impacts
for a partner in the Philippines.

Heli-supported specialized drilling is susceptible to environmental risks.
We monitor and manage climate change-related risks including
extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, resource shortages,
changing sea levels and changing temperatures.

Water recycling tanks at the Resolution Copper project in Arizona, USA.