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Major Definitions: ‘Sinusoidal’
Exploring Specialized Drilling with Major Drilling

By October 17, 2018No Comments

While sonic drilling wasn’t invented by Major Drilling, we do have a team of more than 2,500 experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in this precise type of drilling. The key to it all is “sinusoidal” waves.

What Does ‘Sinusoidal’ Mean?

“Sinusoidal” refers to a sinusoid or sine wave. It looks like a line undulating in an up and down pattern. When the sine wave is smooth and uninterrupted, it can create a lot of disruption!

Applying this continuous pattern can powerfully push through rock and dirt at depths of more than 230 meters (755 ft). It’s a feat of modern physics that we use every day. Sinusoidal technology can be used to bounce communication waves off the surface of satellites in space. Instead, we go through the ground.

How We Do It

Our drilling experts attach a drill pipe to the rig that has a high-power oscillator and two counter rotating rollers.

RS400 Sonic Rig: Major Drilling partnering with Rio Tinto, drilling and installing dewatering wells at the KUC tailings pond in Utah.

Then we add a high frequency sinusoidal force through the length of the drill pipe. The sinusoidal waves are created by the oscillating motion of the rollers in the drill head. When combined with the rotating and vibrating drill bit, the sinusoidal force moves through the drill shaft to break through the earth.

The earth is alive with its own frequency, so our expert drillers make adjustments to the high frequency mechanical vibration (50 to 150 hertz) and match it with the natural formation frequency in the ground.

That makes borehole advancement possible through fracturing, shearing and displacement. Of course our clients get their samples vibrated cleanly into sample bags and presented professionally so they can be logged, studied and transported.

When You Need It

Geoprobe Mini-Sonic Rig: Major Drilling working with the University of Utah and Intrepid, probing for surface degradation on the Salt Flats, Utah.

Sonic drilling is used to define waste rock and tailings piles as well as installing piezometers, monitoring wells, and remediation wells. When searching for the best company that offers sonic drilling, a company hires Major Drilling because we have the financial strength and the extensive experience that will get projects completed safely, on time, and with incomparable results.

Sonic Drilling is just one of the many surface drilling services Major Drilling offers. Regardless of the project, we have the equipment and know-how to get the job done. Talk to our experts today to get started.