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Major Drilling Brazil Celebrates One Year LTI Free with
Ero Copper

By October 27, 2020May 31st, 2022No Comments

Ero Copper Corp. achieved an important safety milestone at the Mineração Caraíba project in Brazil where teams have worked one year lost time injury free. At this location, 120 Major Drilling specialized drilling experts contribute each day to the overall safety and production for Ero Copper.

Noel Dunn, Ero Copper Executive Chairman and Director conveyed his appreciation to all work teams. “On behalf of Ero Copper, we would like to congratulate everyone at Mineração Caraíba on the outstanding achievement of a year without a lost time injury.”

Contracted with Ero Copper since 2018, Major Drilling teams are proud to mark the LTI-free milestone with colleagues at the mine. Safety training is a critical part of keeping teams aware of risks and being able to return home safely each day.

Major Drilling HSEC Officer, Elizangela Nascimento (center, showing card), reviews the procedure of emergency exit for the underground mine at Mineração Caraíba.

François Lesage is the general manager of the Major Drilling Brazil Branch. He knows how important it is to work not just as contractors for Ero Copper, but also how working as a team pays off with safety achievements for all.

“The Ero Copper congratulation is for Caraíba where we are proud that as a contractor, Major Drilling is part of the LTI-free achievement,” Lesage said.

Safety is a shared value between Major Drilling and Ero Copper. Quality, safety and results are hallmarks of the partnership. A lost time injury is one sustained by an employee leading to a loss of productive work time. LTI-free hours are safety milestones that show commitment to safety programs and improve the lives of Major Drilling employees throughout the company’s worldwide operations. These commitments are highly valued by mining industry partners, including those with projects in demanding settings.

Major Drilling team members regularly receive safety training for routine procedures.

“This is a remarkable achievement, and we recognize that it is a total team effort by all employees and managers. We believe it is an absolute standard that everyone should expect to be able to work in complete safety at all times and are delighted to be able to recognize [this] milestone,” Dunn said.

Like Major Drilling, Ero Copper is headquartered in Canada. It is focused on copper production growth from the Vale do Curaçá Property, located in Bahia, Brazil. The Company’s primary asset is a 99.6% interest in the Brazilian copper mining company, Mineração Caraíba S.A. with over 40 years of operating history in the region. Ero Copper currently mines copper ore from underground mines including Pilar where Major Drilling’s first female underground drilling supervisor, Simone Félix dos Santos, leads her team.

Supervisor Luciano Pimenta (foreground), trains Major Drilling employees about how to safely use rod lifting tools during rod manipulation while drilling.

Denis Larocque (in black) joins with the Major Drilling and Ero Copper teams in Brazil in 2019 to discuss adding more rigs.

Major Drilling President and CEO, Denis Larocque (second from right), meets Major Drilling’s first female underground drilling supervisor, Simone Félix dos Santos (center), during his 2019 visit to the Ero Copper Pilar Mine.

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