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Major Drilling Takes Delivery of Five New Drills for Canada and USA Projects

By November 16, 2020May 31st, 2022No Comments

Beginning in November 2020, Major Drilling takes delivery of five new Epiroc drills to be used for underground exploration projects in the USA and Canada. The purchase includes a mobile Diamec Smart 6 MCR and two Diamec Smart 8 core drills for the USA. In Canada, teams will receive two Smart 6 core drills, one of which has already arrived in the country.

The drill purchase indicates momentum in the mining industry with many mines and exploration companies ramping up exploration projections for 2021. All of Major Drilling’s new drills are modern additions that allow for greater flexibility and innovation for clients.

The new rigs offer innovative features including:

  • Touch screen
  • Rig Control System: semi-automation
  • Data logging
  • Exploration Manager offering added value via a standard data logging feature
  • Measure While Drilling (MWD) which records drilling parameters
  • Rod handling capabilities
  • Mobility (MCR Smart6)

Major Drilling is well known in the global mining industry for providing a large and up-to-date fleet totaling more than 600 rigs. In both equipment and expertise, Major Drilling teams continue to exceed competitors’ reach and responsiveness with less downtime and more value for every client. Positive results are especially evident when comparing drilling job price versus cost per meter.

Innovative controls on the drills include a two-hand activation controller for safe operation of the rod handler.

Major Drilling operates a variety of Epiroc rigs including the D65 for blast hole drilling in Suriname and other locations around the globe.

As the mining industry continues to modernize, so does Major Drilling’s proactive culture of safety and sustainability goals through Environmental, Social & Governance initiatives.

The new drills are an encouraging capstone on a year that, despite challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is a banner year in record drill depths at the 3,467-meter Osisko Windfall Discovery 1 diamond drill hole in Canada and a 2,000-meter PQ hole at the Oyu Tolgoi copper project in Mongolia. In 2020, Major Drilling also celebrates 40 years in the business and the 25th IPO anniversary of Toronto Stock Exchange trading.

“We are proud to add these new drills to our fleet to enhance our North American drilling projects,” said Kelly Johnson, Major Drilling Senior VP Operations – North America & Africa. “As the industry continues to demand more exploration, we are meeting needs through innovative equipment that is safer and more efficient than ever before.”

Major Drilling Smart 6 underground exploration rig

Major Drilling Smart 8 underground exploration rig

Major Drilling Smart 6 MCR mobile underground exploration rig

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