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Major Drilling USA Driller Heroically Responds to Medical Emergency

By September 9, 2022September 29th, 2022No Comments

When Major Drilling’s Tyrel Keppner heard his radio crackle with an early morning mayday call, he knew a fellow driller needed his help, and fast.

The 8:30 a.m. plea came from a different company’s drill team at a nearby site in Nevada, USA. The drillers said a member of their crew experienced a blow to the head, and they needed assistance.

Keppner jumped into his truck, arrived at the scene, and sprang into action. Using his First Aid training, he quickly assessed the incident. He better positioned the hurt crew member, then proceeded to clear the airway, monitor seizures, and provide comfort until emergency medical teams arrived.

With the safety training he receives at Major Drilling, Keppner was prepared to come to the rescue at a critical moment. The drill crew from the other company thanked him for stepping in to help when they needed it most.

Driller Tyrel Keppner (left) accepts a special award from Major Drilling USA Surface Operations Manager Shaun Fleming.

Shaun Fleming, USA Surface Operations Manager with 40 years in the drilling industry, sees his fair share of extraordinary drilling episodes. He was honored to present Keppner with an award recognizing heroism and preparedness.

“While we have some idea of what each day will bring on the drill, we can only do our best to be prepared for the circumstances that will require us to do something brave, something extraordinary—that’s what Tyrel did,” Fleming said. “On behalf of Major Drilling USA, I am very grateful for his example and am proud to recognize him for remembering his training and selflessly being willing to reach out beyond his own team and help a fellow driller.”

Major Drilling teams are trained to keep safety at the forefront of every activity. This is through world-class safety training programs that include TAKE 5, 10 Lifesaving Rules, and Critical Risks Management.

Members of the Major Drilling USA team assemble in Salt Lake City to recognize Tyrel Keppner’s heroic act.

In August 2022, Major Drilling presented driller Tyrel Keppner with a special award with this inscription: “For going above and beyond to help a fellow driller in need. You are a shining example of Major Drilling core values. Thank you for your heroism and highlighting the importance of making sure every person goes home safely at the end of the day.”

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