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Vital Partnership Leads to High-Grade Gold Intercepts for Jaguar Mining

By Wednesday August 26th, 2020Blogs, Industry News

Major Drilling teams set up and drill on a vertical downhole at Pilar Mine.

What does it mean to be a true partner? When Jaguar Mining Inc. began to position itself as a prominent player in the burgeoning South American gold mining sector, it needed a strong drilling partner by its side. Major Drilling’s key values—quality, safety and results—align with Jaguar’s as it transforms itself into a leading gold miner in South America.

In May 2017, Major Drilling began underground drilling operations at Jaguar’s Pilar and Turmalina Mines. The Jaguar team trusted Major Drilling to be the capable, experienced drilling firm it needed. By February 2020, Jaguar reported high-grade gold intercepts in an area of Brazil that is a prolific gold-producing belt.

“Exploration drilling at Pilar will target extending our consistent production zones. Major Drilling’s commitment to safety makes it possible for the Jaguar team’s critical explorations to yield the best chances for a positive result,” Vern Baker, CEO of Jaguar Mining Inc., said.

Drilling at its core operating assets means Jaguar can increase the life of its mines. Major Drilling works closely with Jaguar geologists to perform specialized drilling for mine life extension. The Jaguar Pilar and Turmalina Mines, while small in surface footprint, go down to great depths. Drilling down-plunge extensions of main ore bodies create potential for longer mine life results.

Major Drilling works alongside Jaguar Mining with multiple drills. Meeting goals to become a leader in South American gold mining is a point of pride for both Jaguar Mining and Major Drilling.

As explained in the March 22, 2018 issue of Mining Global magazine, “Another key partner is Major Drilling, who uphold high safety, health, environmental and community standards that equal our own values, so we are excited to work with them,” Jonathan Hill, Jaguar Mining’s Geology and Exploration Senior Expert Advisor, said.

In response to the article, Major Drilling Brazil General Manager, François Lesage, explains, “We have built a nice relationship to support Jaguar. Our successes are shared successes. We celebrate Jaguar’s strides in gold mining and know they come after working together with patience, transparency and innovation.”

François Lesage, Major Drilling Brazil General Manager

Major Drilling underground drilling teams fill core sample boxes for study by Jaguar Mining geologists.

Major Drilling’s culture of safety, seen through TAKE 5 and critical risks management signage, is a constant reminder for drilling teams to keep safety first.

Major Drilling drills for Jaguar using conventional exploration diamond drilling rigs like the Diamec 252 drilling BQ core samples. During initial drilling, the innovative and experienced drilling teams found that Jaguar’s explorations demanded the more fine-tuned U6 PHC DH underground to drill NQ diameter with deviation—a deviation requiring a long reaming shell and a core barrel full hole. So, Major Drilling crews acted nimbly after confirming the first 100 meters of deviation was correct. Subsequent HQ directional drilling to 700 meters revealed that explorations for Jaguar Mining results would be positive. It also set the stage for further positive progress.

Jaguar Mining announced results of its 2019 infill diamond drilling campaign and resumption of growth exploration drilling activities at its Pilar Mine Operation. At Pilar, Major Drilling has mobilized an underground diamond rig dedicated to 18,600 meters of extension and exploration drilling through 2020. Additional targeted infill and growth exploration drilling will also continue during the year at Turmalina.

As Jaguar strengthens its solid position in the South American gold mining sector, Major Drilling will continue to be there.

“It’s an honor to  partner and continue underground exploration and mine life extension services for Jaguar as it continues to grow,” Lesage said.

In 2020, Major Drilling Group International Inc. reflects on four decades of expansion and drilling specialization during its 40th anniversary. Follow Major Drilling on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest company news and updates.

Location of planned 2020 infill and growth exploration drilling at Jaguar Mining Pilar Mine. Image courtesy of Jaguar Mining.

Drilling underground at Jaguar Mining’s Pilar Mine in Brazil.

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