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Heli-Supported Specialized Drilling Advances Exploration for Partner in Alaska

By Monday August 19th, 2019September 16th, 2021Blogs, Defining Reads

Trilogy Metals' Arctic polymetallic project in Alaska’s Ambler district. Credit: Trilogy Metals Inc.

Base metals like copper and cobalt are on target for exploration with Canadian junior mining partner Trilogy Metals. Trilogy was listed third in a recent industry market cap value listing of base metals among Canadian developers. Positive results for Trilogy’s drilling programs are largely based on the ability to access projects in Alaska’s remote Ambler Mine District. The District holds some of the world’s richest known copper-dominant polymetallic deposits including Trilogy’s Bornite project.

Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse (left), president and CEO of Vancouver-based Trilogy Metals, at the company’s Arctic polymetallic project in Alaska’s Ambler district. Credit: Trilogy Metals as published by The Northern Miner.

Major Drilling’s approach to the Bornite project includes set up for heli-supported drilling. Many drilling locations are perched in the hills and are reachable only by helicopter. This suits the Major Drilling teams on the ground who use their expertise to load in equipment, set up on site, and get to work extracting core samples.

“It is a pleasure to partner with Trilogy on the Bornite project,” said Shaun Fleming, Major Drilling USA Operations Manager. “Their understanding of the intricacies of a job in a remote camp and heli-supported drill program, as well as the great lengths they go through to support our operations on the ground makes our partnership with Trilogy vibrant and productive.”

For three drilling seasons, Major Drilling has produced results for the Bornite project. This includes multiple holes and thousands of meters drilled to ensure the viability and long-term potential of the project site.

“Our success in the Ambler Mining District in creating value for our shareholders is a direct result of our drilling success,” said Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, President & CEO of Trilogy Metals Inc. “The deep drilling at Bornite is challenging, and Major Drilling has really stepped up to the plate to deliver results for us consistently now for three years.”

Top-10 base metals, uranium explorers and developers in Canada*†

1. IVANHOE MINES, $4.5B market cap 6. NORTHERN DYNASTY MINERALS, $259M market cap
2. NEXGEN ENERGY ,$743M market cap 7. FISSION URANIUM, $233M market cap
3. TRILOGY METALS, $526M market cap 8. NEVADA COPPER, $218M market cap
4. DENISON MINES, $394M market cap 9. POLYMET MINING, $213M market cap
5. NGEX RESOURCES, $270M market cap 10. FILO MINING, $201M market cap
*market cap in Canadian dollars, as published by The Northern Miner
projects are not yet in production

Major Drilling supports base metal exploration for a variety of top-developing partners in Canada including Trilogy Metals, Denison Mines, and Nevada Copper.

Major Drilling is the leader in specialized drilling. We’re progressing commodity exploration and discovery for partners around the world. Contact us to learn how we can bring exploration results to your next specialized drilling project.