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6 Reasons Why Major Drilling is an Innovative & Vital Canadian Firm

By July 26, 2019April 26th, 2022No Comments

Recently, The Northern Miner reported Major Drilling as one of ten exciting Canadian firms that keeps the mining and mineral exploration industry going. Here are six reasons why Major Drilling is innovative and vital to the worldwide specialized drilling industry.

1. The Leader in Specialized Drilling Major Drilling has more than 600 drills with a global workforce of more than 2,500. These are industry experts who provide mineral exploration, directional drilling, definition or infield drilling, mine services, dewatering, grade control, and percussive drilling for mining projects. Major Drilling’s environmental group can help sample tailings piles, monitor tailings dams, install grout curtains, and install ground water sampling wells.

2. Focus on Quality, Safety, and Results

Award winning work is one of the measures that shows how Major Drilling is positively impacting the mining and mineral exploration industry. Safety is the key to keeping elements, processes, procedures and management practices above industry standards.

3. Large and Best-Maintained Fleet

Major Drilling continues to exceed competitors’ reach, and responsiveness with its fleet of up-to-date equipment creating less downtime and more value for every client. This VIDEO compares drilling job price versus cost per meter. The results might surprise you.


4. Focus on Automation in Rod Handling

Major Drilling is deploying fully hands free, horizontal stacking rod handlers. This equipment brings a much-needed tool to the forefront clients’ projects and much-needed automation into the hands of our drillers. Major Drilling is investing in automated rod handling technology ahead of demand and will continue to lead in digitization, robotics, and improved productivity.

5. Global Reach, Local Experts

Registered in over 20 countries on six continents, Major Drilling’s worldwide reach is strong, nimble, and effective. From commendable projects in North America, block cave pre-conditioning at the world’s largest gold mine, to non-stop drill and blast operations, Major Drilling’s local experts are achieving exciting results for its partners around the globe.

6. Trusted Partnerships

Effective, established relationships with key partners like the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, First Nations, Inuit communities, and valued clients are at the heart of Major Drilling’s commitment to quality. Major Drilling’s exploration and specialized drilling expertise is a key factor in securing relationships of trust with its partners. It is this focus on quality that makes long-term partnerships possible and is an indicator of Major Drilling’s leading position in the mineral exploration industry.

See the full article, “Suppliers Snapshot: Ten firms keep Canada’s mineral industry moving” on The Northern Miner website which we recommend as one of our Major Drilling Defining Reads. Major Drilling continues to be a trusted partner in worldwide specialized drilling projects. Contact us to learn more about how your next project can benefit from the innovative and vital services we offer.