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Major Drilling Completes Successful Season for Nighthawk Gold Amidst
COVID-19 Setbacks

By November 12, 2020May 31st, 2022No Comments

Major Drilling and its partner, Canadian junior mining company, Nighthawk Gold Corp., have wrapped up drilling at the Indin Lake Gold Property in Canada’s Northwest Territories with 22,993 meters (75,436 feet) logged.

Nighthawk, is seeing results despite a difficult year when the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted a full-season drilling program in spring 2020. Drilling teams quickly remobilized with new health and safety protocols when Nighthawk was ready to resume exploration activities in July.

Nighthawk’s gold exploration work operates from an isolated camp approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) north of Yellowknife. Since the mining company began exploring in the Northwest Territories, Major Drilling and its predecessor, Bradley Drilling, which was acquired in 2011, is the preferred drill partner on the Indin Lake Gold Property.

Michael J. Byron, a professional geoscientist who has a doctorate in geology, is president and chief executive officer of Nighthawk Gold Corp. He is pleased with the year-after-year results Major Drilling provides.

Major Drilling staff keep an exploration drilling rig humming on Treasure Island, part of the Indin Lake Gold Property. Photo credit: GSH pilot Marie-Josée Lacroix.

“Being so remote, it is absolutely crucial to be working with a highly skilled, experienced, well-staffed and supplied drill contractor to ensure all work is carried out expeditiously with safety at the forefront,” Byron said. “We have come to appreciate and respect Major Drilling’s unrelenting commitment to running a safe and productive operation.”

From 2009 to 2020 Major Drilling teams have drilled almost 190,000 meters (623,360 feet) at Indin Lake spanning several properties throughout the extensive project area. All drilling was helicopter supported, completed in a professional manner, and was compliant with government regulations and environmental concerns.

A foggy morning dawns at the Indin Lake drill camp. Photo credit: GSH Pilot Marie-Josée Lacroix.

Donald Lafrance knows it is Major Drilling’s commitment to quality, safety and results that brings progress at Indin Lake. He is the drilling foreman overseeing the work at Indin Lake since drilling began there.

“We all very much appreciate the trust Nighthawk has put in our team and the business and personal relationships that have been developed over the years working together,” he said.

The longevity in people and the partnership makes a positive impression on relationships and results. Senior project manager for Nighthawk, William Waychison, sees expertise of the drillers as a compelling reason the company returns to Major Drilling for its exploration services season after season.

“The fact that Donald has been working with us since 2009, speaks volumes about Major Drilling’s commitment to their clients, not to mention their crews are well experienced and a pleasure to work with,” Waychison said.

During a year like no other due to COVID-19 pandemic-related impacts, Major Drilling has maintained support and delivered results. Drilling to-date has continued to open up new, unexplored regions and delivered encouraging results of continuous downhole mineralization at its flagship Colomac Property. An expansion of drilling is planned in 2021 at Colomac and throughout Nighthawk’s Indin Lake Gold Property with upwards of 60,000 meters (196,850 feet) planned using five drills.

Another valued part of Nighthawk’s partnership with Major Drilling is its commitment to several progressive initiatives that improve infrastructure for the local communities as well as the mineral resource industry. Major Drilling shares these values with its own initiatives, partnerships and commitments to First Nations and Inuit People communities. This commitment is just one aspect of a larger ESG Framework driving Major Drilling’s sustainability into the future.

Partnership is key to exploration activities at Nighthawk Gold Corp.’s Indin Lake property.

Northern lights radiate in the sky above Major Drilling equipment at Indin Lake.

In these times, commitment and dedication galvanizes partnerships for long-lasting results.

“We’re proud to help our partners through the ups and downs of this unpredictable year,” Kevin Norberg, Major Drilling’s Area General Manager, said. “We continue to provide value to our partners and help each one achieve goals through provision of the utmost in specialized drilling quality, safety and results on every project we undertake.”

Byron agrees and has an eye toward the future of continued progress at Indin Lake.

“Nighthawk has enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship with Major Drilling, and we look forward to many more successful drill campaigns,” he said.

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