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Major Drilling Indonesia Achieves over 3 Million Hours LTI Free

By June 29, 2020May 31st, 2022No Comments

Major Drilling – PT Pontil Indonesia teams have achieved over 3 million hours lost time injury free at four different project sites. The combined workforce of 600 operates at different locations throughout the region drilling both on the surface and underground. PT Pontil Indonesia is a subsidiary of Major Drilling Group International.

Underground drilling operations teams at the PT Freeport Indonesia copper and gold project in Papua have achieved over 1.5 million hours LTI free. In this location, teams perform grade control, underground exploration, dewatering, and more recently, block cave preconditioning.

Major Drilling Indonesia teams continue to set records for safety in demanding geological environments.

The Amman Mineral copper and gold surface drilling project is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara on Sumbawa island. As of June 2020, Major Drilling – PT Pontil Indonesia achieved more than 1,323,000 hours LTI free there. The work for Amman Mineral consists of two project sites on the island and requires both heli-portable and open-pit mine specialized core drilling.

Another partner is Bumi Suksesindo, an Indonesian mining company with main activities currently focused on gold and copper production in east Java. From December 2018 until June 2020, Major Drilling – PT Pontil Indonesia completed the project LTI free with over 400,000 hours recorded.

A lost time injury is one sustained by an employee leading to a loss of productive work time. LTI-free hours are safety milestones that show commitment to safety programs and improve the lives of Major Drilling employees throughout the company’s worldwide operations. These commitments are highly valued by mining industry partners, including those with projects in demanding settings.

Drilling projects in Indonesia are exposed to extreme challenges due to their location within the “Ring of Fire.” The Ring is a geological path in the Pacific Ocean known for active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes.

Major Drilling Indonesia experts use heli-supported operations to transport drill equipment to remote project sites in the region.

“Some of the holes were designed to extend 1,000 meters deep through recognised fault zones,” Jon Emmerzael, Operations Manager for Major Drilling – PT Pontil Indonesia, said. “This makes our surface and underground coring work all the more gratifying as we see results of the partnerships formed to accomplish the work LTI free.”

Drilling crews are formed mostly of local employees who rise to the challenges of each job. They make impactful progress at project sites by working safely while supporting their nearby kampungs (villages).

Enacting best safety practices one hour at a time and not just focusing on milestone achievements is a mindset adopted by the Indonesia teams.

“Our safety achievements are a result of strong leadership and teamwork in educating our employees around Major Drilling’s health and safety policies in a combined effort to be the safest drilling company within Indonesia,” Kerryn Hornby, Major Drilling Indonesia General Manager, said.

The employees at Major Drilling – PT Pontil Indonesia are not only committed to safety, but also to their community. It was an honor for staff from the Indonesia Branch to answer the call for PPE required for health workers battling COVID-19 in the early months of 2020. This social responsibility effort delivered gloves, masks, sanitizer, face shields, protective suits and more to four different hospitals in Papua, Sumbawa, Banyuwangi and North Sumatra.

Pictured at Major Drilling’s Ceger, Jakarta, Indonesia, warehouse and workshop in fall 2019 are (left to right): JR Davies, VP Operations – Asia; Christian Galih, Assistant Inventory Controller; Andry Christianto, Maintenance Planner; Denis Larocque, President & CEO; Doly Tjioe, Inventory Controller; Kerryn Hornby, General Manager – Indonesia; Febby Sukmana, Logistic Supervisor; Firmansyah, Logistic.

Major Drilling Indonesia teams answered the call for PPE donations that they delivered to four different hospitals in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major Drilling’s LTI-free achievements are a direct result of what it means to enact the values of quality, safety and results every single day. Safety is a top priority delivered through the combined education and training of the Critical Risks Management, TAKE 5, and 10 Lifesaving Rules safety programs.

“Achieving the highest standards of safety is our goal,” Hornby said. “We’re proud of our teams for their LTI achievements and how they strive to keep our Indonesia operations safe every day.”

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