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Spina Bifida Sufferers Rest Easier Through Major Drilling Donations in South America

By July 30, 2020May 12th, 2022No Comments

The Major Drilling team in South America joined with Fundación Mónica Uribe Por Amor to provide donations so those suffering from spina bifida can rest easier. The team undertook a project to give beds with new mattress, sheets and a pillow, as well as rice and lenteja (lentil stew) to young people in need, through the foundation.

Using the Major Drilling warehouse in Medellín, Colombia, team members repaired, painted and donated beds. They did what they do at specialized drilling projects every day—promote safety—by making safe sleep possible for their fellow members of the community.

Fundación Mónica Uribe Por Amor advocates for people with spina bifida by helping them develop their lives through autonomy and social inclusion. It facilitates community assistance for those in need with businesses like Major Drilling, which has supported the foundation for more than two years.

Spina bifida is damage to the spinal column that happens in the first month of gestation. Those who experience the condition encounter failures in motor, neurological, kidney and digestive function. They must often use crutches, braces, or walkers and receive support to perform daily activities and maintain quality of life. The foundation was very happy to receive Major Drilling’s donation and organized the bed distribution and food donations for these children and youth with spina bifida.

Major Drilling is committed to bettering the communities where it does business. At branches throughout the world, Major Drilling teams work to make impactful contributions and show their commitment to social responsibility. Learn more about Major Drilling’s Environmental, Social & Governance Policy.

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Members of the Major Drilling team in Colombia show off a newly painted bed with new mattress, sheets and pillow prepared for a child with spina bifida in their community.

A boy from Medellín, Colombia, receives donated bedding from Major Drilling which will help relieve some quality of life issues he experiences as he endures the effects of spina bifida.

A Major Drilling warehouse is transformed into a temporary bed repair and paint shop to help those suffering from effects of spina bifida receive safe sleep equipment.