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Specialized Drilling: Poetry in Motion

By April 15, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Some say an exploration drill turning through the earth is like poetry in motion. Major Drilling agrees.

Like an expert drilling crew,  poetry requires agility, form and flow. At Major Drilling Branches across the globe, these characteristics define our teams. To celebrate them, in conjunction with Haiku Poetry Day and with National Poetry Month in Canada and the USA, we have put to verse how Major Drilling crews inspire their peers and the industry using the classic poetic form of haiku.

Why haiku? The poem structure originated in Japan and often reflects on nature and seasons. Drilling crews labor in every condition and climate. In the settings where they work, they witness radiant northern lights. They drill among cool, carved mine walls. They experience arid desert landscapes. They set up remote heli-supported platforms deep in the bush or mountains. They take in tropical ocean views, and more.

With these sites in mind, it is easy to see how those who control the turn of a drill rod can also inspire the turn of a phrase.

In the style of the 17-syllable haiku, these poems on drilling are written in the typical haiku syllable pattern of 5-7-5. The poems visually burst to life through photography of people and projects where Major Drilling teams provide quality, safety and results every day. The crews are experts at specialized drilling which means they use distinct equipment and techniques in areas that are difficult to access. Drilling and mining make modern life possible by exploring and producing minerals necessary for modern conveniences such as smart phones, medical devices and electric vehicles. It is hard work that is both exciting and moving—because specialized drilling is a beautiful thing.

Many Major Drilling haiku revisit important events including the 3,467-meter Canadian diamond drilling record hole drilled for Osisko Mining, and longtime partnerships with valued clients like Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. Because the future of mining means more diversity and inclusion, the poems also touch on themes of environmental, social and governance issues which are an important part of the sustainable future of specialized drilling. Look for haiku that celebrate women in mining and link to featured stories of women at Major Drilling who are advancing the industry.

Ready to pen your own drilling haiku? Visit Major Drilling’s social channels to share your own poem with the hashtag “#drillinghaiku” and join Major Drilling in celebrating World Haiku Day with a new perspective.





Major Drilling enjoys a “sweet” partnership with Aurelius Minerals Inc. Drilling teams at the Aureus West project were treated by the client’s CEO during the 2020 winter holidays. Click here for details



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